Minnesota-born Pisces. Talker, writer, meddler, song-maker, story-bender. Enthusiastic collaborator. Seasoned traveler. Registered voter. Sleep-deprived parent. Media glutton. Myers-Briggs anomaly. Adept and adaptive. 

I've been earning a living by way of microphones, laptops, keys, instruments, stories, questions, copy, verse, long drives, short menus and a famously even temper since Bill Clinton's second term. Jumped from college into journalism, collected a pile of W-2s and 1099s as a writer/editor for the likes of A.V. ClubUtne ReaderMSNBCE! OnlineSalonMTV.comCity Pages and Minnesota Monthly. Toured all over the United States and Europe as both a musician (mostly with Halloween, Alaska) and a production manager (mostly with The Bad Plus). Made custom songs for movie studios, toy makers and dance companies. Took up voiceover work in 2010 and promptly developed a penchant for speaking clearly and convincingly in service of brands, audiobook publishers, indie filmmakers and esoteric art projects alike. Spent a few years in the creative department at Zeus Jones before setting up a new pillow fort at GoKart Labs in 2016. Currently based in Minneapolis, with previous addresses in Chicagoland, the United Kingdom, West Hollywood, Greece and the capital of Wisconsin.